Friday, December 29, 2006

ZOR in MC! Part 3

Part 3 of ZOR in MC!!!!!
Tonight we are continuing with Baron then going on :)

Baron Geddon

GuildBank - [Nexus Crystal]x2 (DE'd Pally Shit)
Dizy - [Arcanist Mantle]
Sharl - [Plans: Elemental Sharpening Stone]

I ahd to leave for next bosses sorry I will update info later :)

Alliance Buddies :D

So in my spare time I visit redridge, and since im on a PVE server I decided to make some new friends. Not much of a post here but theres some fun with Alliance here, a fun pvp video I took with both of them will be posted later :) Enjoy the pics!


So anyways, while in UBRS today i felt like doing a "/who gm" and guess what I found? a lvl 48 warrior on GM Island :D So i took the liberty of whispering him about 1000 times and i didnt get a reply, strange how he was there for about 2 hours and no ban... also idk just strange right? Also, I just had talked to a GM about it and hes still there after 15 minutes! Just a small update because i thought its cool :D

Hydraxian Waterlords Questing

So anyways, I have been doing MC runs for along time and I have just hit revered, and I realized that I have NEVER done any of the quests... So I just thought that today I will start them :) Looks like my first stop is Silithus D: It wont be that long to finish these quests, but if it will help start getting more rep with the Waterlords, I guess I was down. The first quest I was going to do included killing 15 Dust Stormers and 15 Desert Rumblers in Silithus. Long ride to Silithus, not my favorite... Second quest was to use the Aspect of Neptulon on poisoned elementals of Eastern Plaguelands, then bring 12 Discordant Bracers and the Aspect of Neptulon to Duke Hydraxis in Azshara. Wowee sounded hard but whatever, Im down to do whatever I can to start these MC quests. When I went to silithus, I farmed them both in the northwest part and it was pretty easy, although there were 3 other people farming the Dust Stormers D: But it took me about 15-20 minutes to finish it all and it was an okay time :) The second quest I had to do wasnt that easy... I used the Aspect stuff to make them unpoisoned but for some gay reason they werent dropping their bracers tehy were supposed to so I went to UBRS and opened a ticket for it. UBRS went well I guess, although some dummies opened half the eggs, but we got through, and the results for my phat loot was, [Briarwood Reed], . Also, during UBRS i got a GM tell and he told me to just abandon the quest and retake it! IM JUST LIKE WTF! It takes literally 20 minutes to run to effing Duke -.- but w/e... I guess I had to try. Anyways im heading out to do the Poison Water quest tomorrow for I have MC now after having some redridge fun.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

ZOR in MC! Part 2

Part 2 of ZOR in MC!
We started off with Gehennas since we skipped him yesterday... Downed him in one try :D We also did Baron for the first time... We wiped. once.
Bosses downed today included...


Mardell -
[Helm of the Lifgiver]
Guildbank -
[Nexus Crystal] x2 (DEd pally junk)

Sadly we did not down Baron... Check ZOR in MC! Part 3 for Baron and more!!!!


So yea... After live strat today (I got like 3 good blues ^^) some people in ouor guild were in an ony pug so im like get me an invite then. So here we are, only 2 shamans in here and a 34 man ony PUGGED >_< anymore =\

Gravesleater - [Dragonstalker Helm]
Sanoski!!! - [Helm of the Ten Storms]
Gravesleater - [Deathbringer]
Jiron - [Sapphrion Drape]
Choklar - [Head of Onyxia]
Sanoski!!! - [Red Sack of Gems]
Graveleater - [Serpentine Sash]
Dizy - [Serenity Belt]
Wrankler - [Book: Gift of the Wild]
Forli - [Onyxia Hide Pack]
Totemaster - [Scale of Onyxia]
Tazerah - [Scale of Onyxia]

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ZOR in MC!

ZOR did their second MC tonight and here are the results :)

Guild Bank - [Nexus Crystal] x2 (DE'd pally stuff)
Kyosho - [Tome of Tranqulizing Shot]
Julius -
[Gaunlents of Might]

Warongo - [Legplates of Might]
Realdude - [Felheart Pants]
Froste - [Earthshaker]

updating rest later